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Q: You are so inspiring! Your story is incredible, you should definitely be proud of what you have achieved!

Thanks :) :)

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Q: Wow your blog is awesome! :D I absolutely love it and congrats on your progress! I started my weight loss last summer due to being sick and tired of being bullied at school cuz I was fat. I joined cross country and lost 15 pound by December. I felt so proud of myself and my confidence had skyrocketed (always have been the shy quiet one) but since cross country ended I kinda let myself go. BUT IM BACK ON IT NOW. And thanks to many blogs like this I feel confident and inspired! Thank you!!!!!

You lost 15lb! You know how to lose weight. So I have no doubt you can do it again. You go girl! :)

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Q: Im hoping to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks by eating completely clean, running, and doing HIIT every day. Do you think thst goal is realistic? Thank you!

Yes of course it is! It’s hard work but totally do-able. Keep in mind weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise, so concentrate accordingly on your diet xxx

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Q: I love your url. And congrats on the progress so far!! You look GREAT and gorgeous :)

Thank you beautiful! :)

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Q: Hello! It’s Alexandria (I currently follow you). I help run called mental-health-advice. We give advice on all mental health related issues such as self-harm, eating disorders, specific illnesses, and relationship, gender & sexuality issues. We have a live chat & dozens of informative pages. It would mean so much to us if you could post this for your followers, so we can help even more people. Make sure that if you do follow, it is on mental-health-advice rather than this (my personal) Thanks <3

HEY EVERYONE! FOLLOW: mental-health-advice


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Q: Hi Heather, Since you hadn't lost all your weight when you first went to your surgery consult did the surgeon try and talk you in to a body lift instead of a tummy tuck? I'm just asking as I still have quite a bit to lose and i'm afraid they are going to say i need a body lift if i go for my appointment before i've lost it all.

My surgeon originally wanted to perform a body lift. But once I had turned up to my final consultation with all my weight lost, it was clear a tummy tuck would sufficient. Don’t be worried! Even if they say at your initial consultation you need a body lift, nothing is set is stone until the day of the surgery. So, like me, when you go back with all your weight lost, they may say you just need a tummy tuck :)

Always voice your concerns with your surgeon! He is there is help :) xxx

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