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Q: Hey I was wondering what weight you were at when you went for consultations for your surgeries. I go back to school in the fall and am hoping to have lost enough weight for surgery to be most effective by winter break in late November or December. Also your blog is the most inspiring thing I've ever seen and makes me actually believe I can do this(:

I went to my consultations weighing around 85kg. I had lost just over half the weight I wanted to lose. I found locking in a date for my surgeries gave me the greatest motivation to lose the other half. It was 5 months between my consultation and my surgeries. xxx

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Q: Very inspirational looking at your photos. I only have around 15 kg to lose and having stumbled on your site realize that you had a far bigger challenge to overcome and you did it. I now refuse to fail. Thanks so much

You can lose 15kg! I believe in you :) xxxx

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